About me

Following a long and successful career in architecture John is a full time Yorkshire based artist, illustrator and plein-air painter. An award-winning artist, he works predominantly in ink and watercolour to capture the Urban and Natural Landscape.

During a long and varied architectural career the value of pen, pencil and watercolour in the communication of space and buildings became embedded in his work. His deep understanding and love of buildings is clear in his draughtsmanship that together with his firm grasp of perspective underpins his painting and sketching style. Much of John’s work is done on the spot “plein-air” and as a consequence his drawings are alive, carefully observed but with the freedom and spontaneity inherent in this way of working.

For John sketching is an addiction that must be indulged at every opportunity and he always carries a sketchbook “I like to draw in all kinds of environments, from the busiest cities to the depths of the Yorkshire Dales, I just love the time of sitting, looking and capturing the moment. I also get to chat to passersby with their rich stories and conversations that add to the memories of each sketch” he says.

John successfully exhibits and undertakes private commissions. The quality of his work received recognition at both the 2015 and 2017 Leeds Art Exhibition when he was voted “Best in Show” and he was the “Featured Artist” at the 2016 exhibition.

His work is in private collections in Europe, North America & Australia.

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